Le « Knowledge Center » de Gcila est en ligne ! — Karila

Le « Knowledge Center » de Gcila est en ligne !

The members of the Global Construction & Infrastructure Legal Alliance (GcilA) have the pleasure to announce the launch of a unique Knowledge Center aggregating and structuring, in an innovative and user-friendly manner, all the experience and empirical evidence gathered in their relationships with public and private clients around the world. This Knowledge Center also includes the outcome of their proactive participation with peers and industry exchanges for international construction, infrastructure, Concessions and PPP and mining projects.

One of the objectives of this center, which is much more operational than traditional databases or resource centers, is to boost the development of best practices and global knowledge, which remains to be properly formulated in many practice areas. It is the essential feature for the success of resilient projects around the world. Through our ongoing exchanges with the developing world, we are conscious that the success of such projects will play a key role in the satisfaction of the needs of those less fortunate and of the continuous economic development of many countries.

For this reason, we also make some of the key documents available for download, free of charge. Please take your time to navigate and retrieve the information you deem useful.